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Dakota Access Pipeline Slated For 100,000 BOPD Expansion

Stepped-up North Dakota crude oil production—which has now surpassed 1.2 million BOPD, and could reach 1.5 million BOPD by the end of the year—is putting pressure on Dakota Access Pipeline to expand its capacity.

While the company did not provide a timeline for the work, top executives say they want to increase capacity by another 100,000 BOPD, which could mean adding additional compressor stations.

Dakota Access Pipeline Operations

COO Marshall McCrea said on a conference call that capacity could be increased by another 100,000 BOPD over the 500,000 BOPD moving on the 1,172-mile pipeline now.

“We recently maintained [a throughput] over 500,000 b/d on DAPL, and producers are still seeking options to move those barrels to multiple markets,” McCrea said.

Kelcy Warren, CEO of Dakota Access Partners, disclosed at an energy conference in Bismarck earlier this month that he hopes to announce soon a proposed expansion exceeding 570,000 BOPD.

In the first quarter, Dakota Access was moving 400,000 BOPD, and a majority of producers in the Williston Basin were opting in as the carrier for Bakken crude oil.

About 72% of the state’s crude oil is moving out on three pipeline systems and 17% is going out by rail tanker cars, according to the ND Pipeline Authority.